About me

I am a charcoal and graphite powder, oil, acrylic, watercolor and digital painter who enjoys bringing out the realism, softness and natures of life. 

I was born in Manchester, Georgia, a small town in the south with a population of around four thousand. Having 11 sisters and 2 brothers you could say that I come from a rather large family. It was around the age of 4 when my parents found me quietly drawing on a wall in our home. Luckily for me, instead of becoming upset, they instantly realized I had a talent and  encouraged me by finding way to support me the best they could, even though we didn’t have very much. As I started to get older, I found ways to support myself,  even if I had to make my own sketch pad from the cheapest paper and the hot glue gun. I couldn’t tell you how may burns I got from that. All that mattered to me  was being able to release what I was feeling on a sheet of paper.  

I had a next door neighbor, who is now deceased that was an artist. I  watch her draw some of the most beautiful women. I had never met an artist before who was older and drew so beautifully.  She noticed my interest and took me under her wings, and under her instruction I was able to begin learning the foundations of art. By middle school I was frequenting the library in search of books that held bold and vivid pictures. I would return home with them and spend hours replicating the pictures as best as I could with not the best material. That didn’t detour me because I really wanted to learn. My passion for becoming an artist was undeniable and grew the more I learned, observed, and created my own works of art.

After completing high school I attended Lagrange College in Lagrange, Georgia. While majoring in graphic design I was able to learn the history of art. The program also allowed me to build on customary techniques by learning to create works of art by way of 2-D design, life drawings (charcoal drawings), water color, acrylic, oil painting, pottery, and adobe photoshop, illustrator, etc. Most importantly I learned to explore the simplicities and complexities of expressions created in my own style of artwork. Upon graduation I was able to walk away with a portfolio that represented who I was as an artist. I want others to know that art isn’t just a picture on the wall. It’s everywhere and it has the ability to change someone’s life.

I am in transition to move to Marietta, Georgia in the next two months.  I am a free-lance artist who loves to draw,  paint people and illustrate Children’s books. While I enjoy painting just about anything I have a passion for creating portraits and illustrations.   Please click on the “Art” tab for examples. In creating portraits my goal is to infuse them with a sense of who the person is—the light of who they are. My firm belief is that you can read a picture as well as any book. If you are interested in hiring me to create an original piece of artwork please click on the “Contact” tab. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!